• The Eastbourne Civilian
    War Memorial Trust


    Help us fund a permanent memorial to the 180 civilians who died

    and all those injured in bombing raids on Eastbourne in World War 2


    The Story

  • About the Eastbourne Civilian War Memorial Trust

    We seek to establish a Peace Garden situated at the Wish Tower, Eastbourne in memory of the people killed and injured in the bombing raids on the town during the war of 1939-45 and in memory of the fortitude of residents during those years. The former Wish Tower Sun Lounge and Café was established in 1961 as a memorial to those who lost their lives, but due to structural problems this was demolished by Eastbourne Borough Council in 2012.  The Town has been without a visible memorial to the bombing victims ever since. 

    The Council has now given planning permission for a Peace Garden to be built around the Wish Tower.

  • Latest News

    1st July 2018

    Unveiling of the Memorial and ceremony at 12pm. 

    23rd of May 2018

    63 tons of crushed rock hs been compacted to provide the pathways, the turf has been laid for the lawns and planting is about to commence.

    The formal opening of the Peace Garden will be at noon on Sunday 1st July when the Eastbourne Silver Band will play and a relative of one of those killed in a bombing raid will unveil the plaque with the names of the 180 residents killed in the bombing raids.

    14th March 2018

    A nine ton piece of glacial granite has been lifted into place in the Wish Tower moat. A steel plaque bearing the names of the 180 civilians who lost their lives in bombing will soon be mounted on a specially prepared surface.

    Eastbourne war Memorial - stone delivery Eastbourne war Memorial - stone delivery

    The rock was sourced by Rob Coleman of specialists Brighton Rock from a quarry in the West Country.

    Construction of new retaining walls in the surrounding Peace Garden is well under way, and new paths and lawned areas will follow.

    The Trust still needs to raise thousands of pounds to complete the project, including total restocking of plants.

    Illustrated talk

    A fully illustrated talk on the Memorial and Peace Park has been compiled by Peter Pyemmont, one of the trustees. His talk traces the threats to  this section of the coast throughout history culminating in the German bombing raids of World War 2. He gives an explanation of the founding of the Memorial and Peace Park and will donate all proceeds to the charity. For further details phone 01323 738777.

    The Professional Team of Supporters

    Creating a memorial on such an historic and significant site has required professional skills and patience from architects Wendy and Tara Thomas, Bradford & Thomas LLP and Ecotects. Both Wendy and her daughter Tara spent their early years in Eastbourne and have given their services.

    Chris Butler has carried out excavations on the site and has given his services as a tribute to two of his relatives killed in a bombing raid when their house at 33, Green Street received a direct hit.

    Thanks to Garden Designer, Andrew Norwood. Andrew wanted to design a garden everyone could relate to and would be in sympathy with the historic situation. His vision was for a traditional garden rather than a commercial planting scheme, creating sitting spaces whilst making use of the walls which are of a suitable height. The choice of materials for the peace garden include Downland flints and Sussex bricks, materials used all over Eastbourne

    Thanks also to Graphic Designer Nicholas Howells, Accountant George Message and to Julian and Emily Perrott of BarkWeb Ltd who have created and maintained the website.

    (Pictured: Architects, Wendy and Tara Thomas and Garden Designer, Andrew Norwood) 

    Special Thanks

    In advance of the public appeal for funding, the trustees of the John Jackson Charitable Trust have pledged a most generous donation of £20,000. Our grateful thanks to the trustees, all local residents, Margaret Downey, Crispin Freeman and Andrew Leaper.

    Also, special thanks to Chris Connelley, Specialist Adviser for Conservation, and Gareth Williams, Open Spaces Manager, from Eastbourne Borough Council who have been fantastic in assisting in this project. 

    Latest News

    We have now raised £55,000 which is sufficient for all the landscaping work and the monument. We will shortly be launching an appeal for £20,000 for the planting and maintenance of of the large garden areas. If you would like to donate please visit our Just Giving portal.

    Recent Donations

    With special thanks, we have kindly received the following donations;

    Robin Boyle has most generously donated £10,000.

    Caffyns have given in memory of the seven people killed on 6th June 1943 when the company's large garage at the junction of Seaside and Seaside Road was totally destroyed.

    Mayo Wynne Baxter have made a gift in memory of the work of Charles Mayo who gave practical help and advice to many people who had lost their homes.

    Roger and Philip Busby have made a donation to remember their father who was out whenever the bombs fell.

    We would like to thank the Trustees who have up to now, covered all costs and expenses.

  • Roll of Honour

  • Anker, Mrs Edith M
    Arnold, Mrs Lily
    Ashdown, Mrs Cecily Amy
    Bailey, J W
    Bagshawe, Miss Amy
    Baker, Grayson Wynne
    Baker, Mrs Mary Ann
    Bates, Francis
    Benjamin, Claude R
    Blake, Cecil W
    Bonfiglioli, Christopher
    Bonfiglioli, Mrs Dorothy
    Boniface, Mrs Ethel May
    Boniface, Mortimer
    Boniface, William
    Bonner, Miss Anna
    Bontoft, John Harrison
    Boucher, Miss S
    Bowen, Mrs Marjorie F
    Bradford, Sydney
    Britain, Henry Edward
    Brook, Miss Mary
    Burgess, Charles
    Burtenshaw, Louise R
    Chambers, Mrs Beatrice
    Chapman, Mrs E
    Chapman, Wilfrid John
    Chatfield, Mrs Ruth
    Chennell, Eric
    Cherryman, Mrs Eleanor
    Child, Miss Annie
    Chitty, Pearl May
    Cockburn, Mrs Jessie M
    Collier, Alfred
    Colvin, Mrs Annie
    Cooper, Mrs A M
    Cree, Mrs Ruth
    Crisp, Mrs Mary A
    Cromwell, William A
    Crowhurst, Mrs Frances
    Crowhurst, Miss Luisa E
    Currie, Miss Augustan
    Dann, Mrs Lucy
    Davies, Mrs Kathleen
    De la Roche, Cornelius
    Dobell, Mrs Alice K
    Dorman, George 0
    Dry, Mrs Charlotte E
    Duke, Frederick Roy
    Edmonds, W J
    Edwards, Frank Bertram
    Ellett, Anthony
    Elson, Mrs Ethel
    Fly, Brian
    Freeman, William
    Gearing, Mrs Rose F
    Giles, Mrs Olive G
    Giles, Stanley Arthur
    Gillies, David
    Glen, William H
    Goacher, Walter H Gosden, F
    Gower, Douglas
    Graham, Mrs M A
    Grant, F M
    Grant Mrs Mary P
    Griffin, John E
    Gurr, Mrs Daisy Ruth
    Gurr, Thomas H
    Guy, Mrs A
    Hall, Lucy
    Hardwick, Miss Doris K
    Harland, Peggy
    Harries, Mrs J E
    Hart, Mrs Ethel L
    Henman, Samuel
    Hillidge, Benjamin
    Hipgrave, Miss I
    Hollebon, Miss Alice
    Hollebon, Miss Annie
    Hollebon, Miss Henrietta
    Horton, Peter
    Hudson, Mrs Laura 0
    Hughes, Mrs Matilda
    Hunter, John Edward
    Hurd, Frank
    Hutchinson, Joseph
    Hutchinson, Sydney A
    Hylands, Mrs Lily N
    Jackson, Lily
    Jensen, Hans
    Jones, Miss Ann L
    Keay, Ethelbert Norman
    Kelly, A J
    Langford, Charles J
    Lawrence, Miss Rose
    Lawry, Miss Carol W
    Leitch, A
    Longworth, H L
    Mackay, Donald G
    McKinley, Mrs Edith
    Marchant, Mrs Harriet
    Marley, Samuel
    Mason, Ernest E
    Matthews, Mrs Winifred
    Mewett, Frederick George
    Moore, Frank
    Newman, Albert Edward
    Nicholls, Mrs Eva F
    Nicholls, Michael
    Norman, Miss Florence
    Oliver, Miss A K
    Owens, Dennis John
    Packham, Mrs Emily E
    Payne, J
    Payton, Mrs E
    Payton, William J
    Penfold, Mary Adeline
    Perry, Miss Margaret
    Perry, Miss Mary
    Pidcock, Arthur
    Pinnington, Harry
    Pinnington, Mrs E
    Pringle, Miss Anne E
    Pringle, Miss Christine J
    Pringle, Miss Emily G
    Prior, Mrs Grace E
    Prodger, Miss F L
    Randall, Mrs Emily Julia
    Rayner, Mrs Daisy M
    Rayner, Joseph
    Rich, Charles
    Richardson, Mrs Mary
    Ripley, David Ronald
    Ripley, Mrs Mabel
    Ripley, Moses
    Ripley, William
    Sargent, George 0
    Sayers, Rose
    Scott, Mrs Edith
    Selway, Mrs Florrie Myra
    Shadbolt, Harry
    Sherwood, Mrs Beatrice
    Sherwood, Joan
    Sherwood, Keith Arthur
    Simmonds, Mrs Emily L
    Smith, Mrs Ellen
    Smith J P
    Southgate, D R Y
    Standen, Frederick
    Steed, J
    Stevens, John
    Sevens, Thomas E
    Strong, Mrs Lottie M
    Taylor, Mrs Mary Moira
    Taylerson, Miss Emily
    Thorne, G
    Thorne, Mrs L G
    Tidey, Mrs Sarah
    Turner, Jean
    Turner, William Thomas
    Tydeman, Miss Ellen J Van
    Mulbregt, Jacobus Van
    Mulbregt, Mrs F W
    Vigor, Jane Emily
    Vinsen, Theobald
    Walker, Betty
    Walker, Mrs W E
    Walters, Mrs Mary Ann
    White, Mrs Eliza
    Wilkins, Mrs E L
    Wilkinson, Mrs Myrtle
    Williams, Miss Kate L
    Wilson, Miss Evelyn M
    Wise, Mrs Henrietta
    Woolliams, Robert
    Wren, Mrs Fann

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  • Between the Summer of 1940 and Spring 1944 in Eastbourne there were...

    98 bombing raids 
    671 high explosives were dropped
    3,625 incendiaries.

    Of the civilian casualties, numbering over 1,100, 180 people died, 443 were seriously  injured and 489 slightly hurt. 475 houses were destroyed and 1,000 seriously damaged. 

    Many town centre businesses were damaged or destroyed, and a number of seafront hotels were also hit.

  • How to Donate

    CHEQUE/postal order/CAF voucher make payable to and send to:  

    Eastbourne Civilian War Memorial Trust
    50 Pashley Road,
    BN20 8EA


    Lloyds Bank
    account 59492360
    sort code 30-92-86
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